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Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-folding doors are indisputably the driving force behind aluminium’s strong ascension as a preferred material for large span doors in residential applications, while their success in the commercial sector is notorious.

With their potential to open up entire walls to beautiful views and natural sunlight, our aluminium bi-folds are simply irresistible to homeowners. Their elegant frames are slimmer than other materials, thanks to aluminium’s inherent strength, meaning they can hold more glazing, for larger and better panoramic views.

They also look stunning from the outside, adding a wow-factor to any home. What’s more, because we offer a wide variety of colour choices, including dual colours, we’re sure we can supply you with a bi-fold systems to match any taste.

Excellent thermal performances

Our aluminium bi-folding doors are thermally broken, meaning they won’t allow heat to be lost through the frame. Standard bi-folds come with 28mm double glazing and achieve a U value of 1.8 W/m²K, whereas optional 36mm triple glazing offers a U value of 1.4 W/m²K, making sure your clients beneficiate from maximum comfort, low energy bills and beautiful views, irrespective of the weather.

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